When I think about it, this project came about in a bit of an odd way.

I was having a breakfast 'meeting' with my pal Rick and he saw a friend of his walk past the window.

He waved, then went outside to say hello.

A few minutes both were sat back around the table and we were talking about how we could launch a new restaurant within 6 weeks.

It was going to be American themed, specialising in burgers, wings and hotdogs... And it was going to be called Propaganda.

Paul (the owner) wanted it to stand out, be edgy and have a bit of personality... Something that was distinctly lacking in the current restaurants and bars in Bury where he was hoping to open.

I immediately wanted to stay away from using vintage propaganda imagery as that's been done so many times before... And I doubt anybody will get near the standard Shepherd Fairey has set, so why compete with that?

I thought it could be fun to play on the illuminati / conspiracy theory angle as that could be a concept that could extend to brand imagery and messaging... It had a lot of potential.

And when experimenting with the type I noticed that the letters in P R O P A G A N D A stacked up neatly into a pyramid....

This references the pyramid and 'all seeing eye' from the back of a dollar bill (see above).

It suggests Americana without being too in your face. The symbol is striking and distinct, but carries meaning too. 

I was also asked to design menus, invitations and even a Snapchat geo-filter for the launch.

I'll be showing this as a case study in my soon-to-be-launched portfolio section very soon... Stay tuned.