Ultra brief post today...

I met Lynda at a networking event. We found out that we both shared a few 'online mentors' and began talking about personal branding and marketing.

Lynda wanted to set up a training academy, where she would guide people who are new to network marketing in how to turn it into a sustainable and profitable lifestyle career.

The name Platinum Players had been something she had had in mind for a while... But other designers had tried and failed to come up with a concept or 'feel' that was right for the brand.

I worked with Lynda for a number of hours via skype to really get under the skin of what the brand was about.

We wanted to give feelings of luxury, lifestyle and an element of exclusivity.

The solution I provided was a monogram with a double P.

The second P in formed in the negative space of the outer P.

A triangular PLAY icon sits in the centre which suggests movement and forwards momentum.

As part of the ongoing brand development I'll be supporting with marketing placement and social media strategy.

As soon as this is done, I'll put a full case study somewhere on my website.

Keep your eyes peeled.