I'd mentioned earlier in the day on Snapchat that I was going to write about this logo today.

Mostly it was  because of who it is for; my client is a buddy I used to skate with back in the day, probably from around 1998-ish... Day of the Rope era, and all that. (I'm old, aren't i?)

I can't say too much about the nature of the business yet prior to the launch, but the word 'optimise' itself is pretty descriptive of the type of work they do.

For this one, and the nature of the business they'll be acquiring, Matt wanted the logo to be strong, simple, timeless and have an understated confidence to it.

We explored several different directions but kept coming back to the idea of symbolising the letter O itself.

This represents the idea of the gestalt (or whole). The separate pieces around the outside represent the synchronisation of various elements coming together in harmony.

A lot of my clients come to me because they want a hidden meaning (or double meaning) in their logo... I think this is a great way to help it stick in people's minds, but I do love working more abstractly sometimes.

It gives you the opportunity to add layers of meaning, and hopefully the viewer decodes at least some of it.

It feels a little more like creating art, rather than commercial art (and there's a huge difference between the two).

I think most designers are artists at heart. But we're often so exhausted with commercial work, we don't have the energy to create for the sake of creation.

So when a project like this comes along, that allows the opportunity for play.. I grab it with both hands.