It was interesting how this logo job came about actually.

I was at a talk for freelancers where there was an open mic spot at the end, giving people the chance to stand up and pitch their idea to the room.

One of the last people to stand up was a chap called Elliot. He was a student at MMU in Manchester and had managed to set up a freelance business on the side during his second year.

He was asking for people to interview on his podcast to talk about freelancing and in particular people's journies.

So just as I was leaving I went over and introduced myself, letting him know I'd be interested in talking about my own journey to going freelance.

The very next day Elliot contacted me asking about getting a logo done... Just goes to show, when you're networking, go out and be proactive. Start more conversations, you never know where they will lead.

But anyways, back to the logo.

Elliot was creating a brand called Modern Street Talk, which would be part social media management company; part resource hub/podcast for people who want to set up their own business, but don't know how to go about it.

We discussed at length the type of people he was looking to speak to and the message he was trying to get across.

Elliot was keen to have an ultra simple and iconic mark that wouldn't be pigeon-holed.

We worked up several possible directions, but the one we settled on was the one above.

It's a mash-up of three concepts.

The overall shape of the logo echoes the form of both a skyline and and M (for modern, and Manchester where he is from).

To represent the social angle, and also the podcast I blended this with a speech bubble.

The windows on the buildings also appear to be the lines of text within the speech bubbles.

The mark is simple and memorable, works well at super-small sizes and more importantly, tells Elliot's story.