If you'd told me when I started out in business that I'd end up setting up some side-projects flogging actual products, I probably wouldn't have believed you.

But conversations lead to ideas, and ideas lead to actions... And a conversation with two good pals, Mike McNally and Jure Sutar led to us setting up a t-shirt business, but with a bit of a twist.

First, a bit of background...

We talk on Skype most weeks, mostly to push each other on in our own ventures, but also to discuss what we've been learning and share ideas.

One conversation sparked the idea to set up an exclusive t-shirt selling business where we take ideas and statements from great thinkers, and make high quality t-shirts (in super short numbers) to sell.

We want to give people products that will motivate and inspire both the wearer and viewer of the shirts, but keep them super-exclusive so that people feel they're able to truly express themselves.

We're looking to share ideas from the likes of Simon Sinek, Charlie Mungar, Robert Greene, Terence McKenna, Warren Buffett and Gary Vaynerchuk (to name a few).

So, the logo...

The idea was to portray ideas and knowledge.

I used lightning bolts to represent a 'spark of inspiration'.

But look closely in the space between them.

Hidden in the 'negative space' is a subtle t-shirt shape.

In a similar way to the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo (look it up if you've not spotted it), it doesn't matter at all if you don't see it.

The logo works regardless.

But if and when you do see it, it gives you a 'smile in the mind'.

This means you're far more likely to remember and talk it, and great branding is about giving people a reason to remember you and ultimately share you with their friends.

And a logo with meaning is a fantastic way to achieve this.