I met Jo and Yugen at a networking event in my hometown. They're a couple who turned their backs on very lucrative careers to pursue a different way of living their lives.

They wanted to escape the rat-race and build sound investments (in property) so that they could work less and live more. From this journey, they started a business where people can invest in property too, and create fulfilling lives.

They've got a unique way of looking at what they do, and life in general, so they wanted this to be part of their brand story.

They had an existing 'homemade' logo that they'd made from an 'adult colouring book'... It was actually quite good. But with copyright being an issue, and the fact it was never going to be 'sharp' and 'precise' as it wasn't professionally produced, they were both concerned that it could hold them back.

As their business is about creating a network of investors who join together to build large projects, I wanted to capture the idea of growth, but in an abstract way.

The colouring book they had used was all intertwined vines and flowers... This clearly appealed to them both, so I started to look into shapes in nature to represent this.


I explored Sacred Geometry and fell in love with the patterns that you could create.

The shapes on the left show how I created the Egg of Life, which I then use to build The Flower of Life (on the right).

This forms the basic framework for the finished Joyn logo. I used colour to give the impression of energy or life spreading from the centre in waves. This represents the connections and growth in their network.

Pattern and colour will feature prominetly on all brand assets to keep the voice consistent and unique.