The challenge

My client Simon knew he wanted to create a platform for himself where he could share his views on the state-of-play in the software developer community.

He has a very strong idea of what is currently not working, and how this should be fixed - His brand needed to reflect this but still be modern, friendly and professional.

The solution

After a detailed consultation process where we questioned everything from how the brand should be styled to if it was even needed at all, we thought it could be fun to have a geeky nod to Simon's childhood and the start of his passion for computers and programming.

I proposed that we look at the visuals and colours of the computers and consoles that he grew up playing.

I immersed myself in the graphics and styling of the ZX Spectrum or the Amiga. It's such a rich visual playground, some of the reference material I found has inspired two personal projects of my own that I'm hoping to launch later this year.

Once the general 'visual hook' was decided I began to refine ideas for a strong and unique  icon.

I kept coming back to a fist as it symbolises fighting against the status quo and it's also a symbol of protest.

The fist is blended subtly with a letter G to create a flexible marque that can stand alone or sit equally well with the supporting typography.

Paddy did exactly what I needed. He helped discover my message, hone it for my market and then came up with a bloody fantastic logo. And a really lovely guy too.
— Simon Emms