The Story
We're all so busy these days that we end up making too many bad eating decisions. I'm proper guilty of this. Like today, for example... I've had a bacon butty, a toastie and two cans of fizzy pop. Convenience... No other reason. The shit stuff is easier to find. And that's the problem all over the world.

But worry not, that's where Avocado step in. Their goal is to bring healthy, affordable and convenient food to the 'fast-food' end of the market. And I was well chuffed for two reasons... 1. I get to ditch the crap and shrink my waistline, and 2. they asked me to do the branding for them... Winner winner chicken thinner!

The Idea
I'm pretty sure the name Avocado is Mexican... Wikipedia said it was, anyway. So I wanted to get some latin flair into the design, somewhere.

I knew I didn't want to go down the obvious route of drawing an avacado in the shape of a letter 'A'. It needed to be more subtle than that.

So, after tonnes of research, I stumbled upon the idea of creating a logotype in the style of the lettering on vintage fruit crates.


It suggested importing exotic ingredients which are both healthy and tasty... It suggested something new and exciting being brought to market... I like that, and so did the client.

The brand will feature bright colours, earthy textures and maybe a pattern or two along the way as well.

Keep your eyes 'peeled' for a fully case study coming soon, this one's gonna be tasty.