When you're building a business or personal brand there's always a point of transitioning from 'nothing' to 'something'.

It can be really daunting at first.

Your brain will tell you that you need everything in place before you launch, but that's very rarely possible and only ends up making you procrastinate.

First things first, you need a product or service that solves people's problems or helps them to upgrade their life - If you don't offer something that people need/want, then you're destined for a very difficult ride.

Once you've sorted this, you'll need a website, a blog, active social media accounts and probably visibility in the local networking scene too.

But all this won't come over night.

I try to look at it like levelling up your character in a computer game.

Start with the basic moves.

Learn which buttons do what.

Start with one social media account (I used twitter).

Once this is established, use the following on there to help grow the others.

Each channel you set up (twitter, facebook, instagram etc) all become assets for your brand... As long as you engage, inspire, motivate and interact with people.

Then you might look at getting a website.

You could build your own on Wix or Squarespace... Or you could have something bespoke made.

Whatever your budget, there's a solution out there... It's easier and cheaper than you think.

Don't let the mountain of things you 'think you need' stop you from action.

Some of the biggest companies started off with just an idea and the will-power to get started.

Over-thinking is just another way to procrastinate.

Take one step at a time... Do a little bit every day.

There's something called the snowball effect that kicks in.

The content and tools you put in place make progress quicker and easier as you move forwards.

Think of a strong man pulling a lorry. The first bit, getting it moving is the hard bit... After that, keeping it moving, it still takes energy, but nowhere near as much.

Just get started.