If you learn the techniques that are being used to make you buy something, you can spot them, become less susceptible to their charm and even learn how to apply them yourself. 

Often it's an enticing image, a persuasive piece of sales copy or a video showcasing the benefits of the product that will make you reach for your wallet.

Whatever it is though, think about how they made you feel.

What tactics did they used to do this?

Could you use them when you are trying to convince people to buy what you offer?

I actually caught myself in the act this morning.

I was in the bath (as usual) listening to an episode of the London Real podcast.

At the start of the show they always try and flog their 'academy', which from what I have heard is very good.

I've considered joining in the past, but have ultimately decided that the price is a little high for me at the moment.

But I am still tempted by their marketing, and have not written off making a purchase in the future. Now is just not the right time.

Brain Rose chooses his words very cleverly. There's no fluff, he uses a sharp understanding of persuasive psychology to convince you of his message.

He talks in terms of 'upgrading you as a person' which is hugely powerful. His audience is made up of people who are looking to expand their minds and develop professionally.

He has a deep understanding of this mindset as he created a product that he himself would want to consume.

But on top of all the fluff, he delivers excellent content, for free.

For as long as he does this, I will continue to be in a flux state of whether to buy or not.

I'll be there, sat somewhere in Brian's sales funnel. He can still talk to me and potentially convert me into a customer at any time.

It's a powerful model. And one that I am beginning to apply myself.

Creating unique content is an awesome way to separate yourself from the competition.

Over time, you'll be seen as an thought-leader in your area which will make people more likely to trust you, and then ultimately buy from you.

So, next time you feel the urge to put your hand in your pocket and make a purchase, maybe think about what influenced you to do it... You might be surprised.