You probably feel like you're too busy most of the time.

Lots of people feel that way.

I reckon the way the world is now, with instant connectivity, notifications, buzzes, beeps and pings... We're always reacting to a stimulus and being expected to carry out some kind of action.

I know a few people who have almost every app on their phone pushing notifications through to them... The home screen is flashing almost constantly with the next minor distraction.

Well, our attention is finite and so is our motivation.

They say do your most challenging task at the start of the day as that is when you are most motivated to do it.

That suggests by the end of the day, that you've been worn down to the extent that you would either do a half-assed job of it or not even be bothered to make a start.

The trick I have found to avoid this trap is to be strong and only do the tasks that move me closer to my goals.

Meetings where people can 'pick my brains' don't happen any more.

When my phone rings for a non-scheduled call, I generally send it to voicemail and send a polite text or email asking the caller to email me some suitable times and we can book something in.

When you work for yourself, you need to practice self-defence.

There's a million and one things to do. And you'll never do all of them.

If I get done the things in a day that are IMPORTANT TO ME, then when I sit in the bath and night and reflect on the day, I am far more happier than when I have served somebody else's agenda.

So my takeaway is to become more protective of your time and attention.

Distractions destroy productivity... You should remove them at all costs.

Turn off notifications. Schedule phone calls. Plan better, don't react to the next 'urgent' task that comes in.

Unless you work in a hospital, very few things are urgent... Normally just badly planned.

So if it doesn't need doing. Don't do it.

Plan your work and work your plan.