When you set out on your own, you never really know where the path will end up.

On the 1st December 2015 I walked out of my well paying Creative Director role and decided to make logos out of my back bedroom.

In the few months that followed I ended up working with clients all over the world (USA, Australia, Germany, Italy to name a few)... And have been asked by people I've met to provide services I didn't even  know existed.

Last week for example, I was asked by a long term client to teach them how to use snapchat for business... This evolved into me offering this service to a group of people whilst networking today and have already sold (potentially) four more sessions.

The thing about snapchat though, is that it still scares me.

I believe to do it well, you have to put your face out there. You need to speak to camera and engage.

This is what is making people stand out.

It's something I struggle with every time I record, but it IS getting easier.

You may not like your face, or your voice... But it's important to remember that the vast majority of people are so wrapped up in their own insecurities, that it really isn't worth worrying about.

We easily fall into the trap of taking ourselves too seriously.

I find snapchat has not only been awesome for creating great conversations, making friends and learning new ideas... But also for picking up new business and personal development.

Don't worry about what your face looks like... Be brave and give it a go... You can always hide behind a daft filter.