Just a quick thought tonight.. But it's something many businesses fail to consider.

How well do you know your customers?

Have you thought about what motivates and inspires them?

Have you considered what problems or challenges they're facing?

The key to successful marketing is having a strategy.

And at the heart of a good strategy is a strong understanding of who you are trying to speak to.

I often guide clients through this process if it's something they've not done before.

But if you would like to try this for yourself, answer the following ten questions... Then start to consider how the best way to market to them is... I usually find it sparks plenty of new ideas.

  1. Where do you find your customers? (Online, networking, highstreet etc.)
  2. What media do they consume? (social media, magazines, tv, specialist publications)
  3. What problems or challenges do they have?
  4. Where are they headed? What's their mission or 'life purpose' at the moment?
  5. What brands to they associate with? (Car brand, supermarket, fashion, gadgets etc)
  6. How can you reach them? (email, social media, face-to-face, direct mail, TV etc)
  7. How do they present themselves? Are the formal, casual, young, corporate, edgy? How can this influence your tone of voice?
  8. How can you help them to upgrade their life? (This is the key to finding your 'why')
  9. What is their budget? (This can be a price range, if it is wide, you should segment your audience and target each of them slightly differently).
  10. How frequently would they need your product / service? Is it seasonal, one-off, sporadic etc?

When you invest the time to carefully answer these questions, you will begin to see the flaws in your previous / current marketing.

Chances are it is slightly dull / mechanical... The way it's always been.

But it really doesn't need to be.

People who buy what you do are normal human beings.

They get bored easily and can be distracted in an instant.

Your job is to be different.

You need to be interesting, be educational (sometimes even entertaining). But most importantly, you MUST add value to their lives.

Once you do that, selling will be far less of a struggle.