As with a lot of my anecdotes, this one starts with a conversation at a networking event.

It's a good place for conversations after all.

But anyway, someone asked me where I get most of my business from.

I told them it was from social media, mostly Twitter and Instagram.

They were in a similar type of 'service based' job, and said they'd never got any work online... And then asked what I was doing.

Now don't get me wrong, I have a strategy for social media.

In fact, I'll be starting some workshops soon for teaching social media selling specifically for entrepreneurs and folks with personal brands. (Keep you eyes pealed for that being announced officially soon)

But if Tim Ferris was to look what I do, and work out what is the 20% of what I do that yields 80% of the results, I'd have to say can be summed up in one idea.

Follow interesting people and start talking to them.

I've said it before and it really is that simple.

Most good business starts with some kind of conversation that leads to a relationship.

So, more conversations should mean more relationships which in turn should bring more business.

These three things are interconnected.

Conversations are the one thing in that equation that you can control.

So, double down on what you know will work.

Start more conversations with people.