Passionate people capture our attention.

They have a fire inside them that compels them to do what they do... And very often it takes them to excellence.

So being passionate is a valuable trait to have? I'd say so.

But how do you demonstrate this when you're not face-to-face with somebody?

Passion is normally considered to be an intensity or drive to do something great.

In person, this comes across through energy you have, your body language and the words you use.

The way to do this online is to deliver value through content.

And this content must be produced with no intention of selling.

Social media, blogs, and the internet is pretty much one big cloaked attempt at parting you with your money.

Giving value with no expectation of reward shows you are in abundance.

It positions you as somebody who is worth listening to (assuming your content is on point)... But the real plus is what it actually reveals about your character.

It shows you are committed to learning and helping other people do the same.

Not many people display these characteristics; and as humans, we are naturally attracted to people who show the traits we wish for ourselves.

Nobody is born passionate or motivated. There's an element of environmental influence, I don't doubt that... But ultimately it comes down to how much you want something.

If/when you want to work, you will... Don't worry about demonstrating passion until you feel a real urge to put something out there.

You can't force it.