The short and unsatisfactory answer to the title of this post is 'It depends.'

But don't worry though, there's an easier question you need to answer first that should help to shed some light.

Where is the destination for your personal brand?

Now, the word destination probably stands out and being an odd choice. But bear with me.

I spoke the other day about goals... Well, a destination is a broader, bigger-picture goal.

Some good examples could be:

- To become a speaker and write a book
- To become known as a thought leader in my industry
- To be able to choose projects that will allow me to develop and grow

This is more about where you are heading, not about what you want to do or have.

Once you've pin-down where you want your personal brand to take you, you can begin to think about the people you are going to need to work with to help get you there.

Having a personal brand doesn't mean you are going it alone... You can have one and still work for somebody else.

And you ARE going to need help.

You are going to need mentors (paid and unpaid).

You need to collaborate with others to deliver projects that are beyond what you can do alone.

You WILL need other people.

So, with this is mind you can focus your personal brand on being a channel to communicate with them.

Do you like it when you're pitched to?
- No, me either, so don't go around flogging your wares to all and sundry.

Do you like when people take a genuine human interest in what you say?
- Of course you do... so take the time and effort to do more of that.

Do you like formal, technical lingo and jargon?
- Nope, so don't use it yourself.

Do you remember people better when they reveal an interesting aspect of their lives?
- Definitely, this is a key one!

Reveal parts of you that will help you to form common bonds with other people.

If your audience is into health and lifestyle... Give a real insight into your ideas on this.

Talk about what is working and what is not. Talk to your audience like you would to a friend in the pub.

I have a really simple 'filter' (if you want to call it that) that helps me to decide what to share.

I try to be the 'me' that you are going to meet in real life.

What I would share face-to-face is what I will share online.

It doesn't need to be any more complicated than this.