It's a question that is asked more often than you might think.

- How wide is the garage?
- How far do you stand from a dartboard?
- How big is that couch?
- How wide is our front door? 

Then the normal reply is,  "I dunno, where's the tape measure?"

We often need to know the size of things but we don't normally have a tape measure or ruler with us.

We DO always carry our phones, though, don't we?

But while there's app-arently an app for everything else, until now there were none that would allow you to reliably measure distances...

Enter stage left, a brilliant little app called Moasure.

Moasure uses the motion sensing 'bit' of your phone, and some bafflingly clever techy algorithm type thing (probably), and makes a beautiful app that lives in your pocket and cures nearly all your measuring headaches.

But why am I talking about this?

Great question, I'm glad you asked.

Well, I did the logo, branding and interface design for Moasure... And today, it was awarded the Number One spot in the utilities section of the App Store.

I'm well chuffed for the team who have worked on it, and thought it would be cool to show a project I've worked on recently... It's nice to give them a little shout-out too as they're lovely people.

So, why not get Moasure loaded on to your phone for the next time someone asks "Jeff, how wide's that piano?"

Find out more here, Moasure - Measuring App.