... The answer is 'here'.

Sorry for being a little cryptic on a grey Monday morning. Well it's grey where I am, and it's monday when I'm writing this... But if you've got sunshine where you're at, I'm happy for you (I really am) - Soak it up and make the most of it!

And in a way, that's kind of my point - Wherever you are, soak it up.

I was listening to The Back Room by Editors this morning and had a bit of a caffeine-inspired revelation.

I need to stop looking for the next answer, the next fix, the next 'thing' that's going to change things, improve things and take me where I think I want to be.

Like the horizon in an 80's arcade racer game; you never seem to get any closer to ant answers, do you? You just speed to the next checkpoint, then like magic, another one appears for you to pursue next.

I reckon I'm just gonna pull over for a while; enjoy where I'm at, work with what I've got and stop focussing on tomorrow.

Wherever you are, be mindful, be present and give the task you're doing, and the people you're with, your full attention for once.

Put your phone away - The moment means more when it's NOT captured, snapped or shared.

We value more what can't be saved... So by giving your attention, truly, and fully will (if my theory is correct) increase the value you give to others around you.

People know when your mind is elsewhere, and one of the greatest gifts you can give anybody these days is your undivided attention.

It doesn't cost a lot, but like the old cliché says; it's worth a bloody fortune.