A super quick post tonight, but I wanted to share a key idea that you can use in your marketing to help improve your conversions.

The idea is known as 'framing', or the 'framing trigger'.

When you frame your message, you are priming your audience to be receptive to what you are about to tell them.

If done well, what you say (or show them) will feel exactly like something that they are looking for.

So, how does it work?

Think about when you buy a car from a high-end German motor company.

You go into the showroom and are greeted warmly by a well groomed young professional.

You'll be offered a nice coffee and maybe something to eat before maybe being left to browse the cars on offer, at your leisure.

The cars aren't on tarmac though, they're artistically placed on highly-polished, marble floors.

There'll be a little podium with luxuriously printed brochures (or more likely a touchscreen nowadasy) detalining the technical performance of the car.

You should hopefully start ot see what I am getting at here.

They have re-framed where you are when you drive a car (which is normally a mundane, run-of-the-mill experience).

Your car is normally relatively untidy, on a grey and shoddily reparied British road... Maybe it has bird shit down the side... But they don't show cars that way.

They make them feel like you're picking out a Rolex watch or a Wedding dress.

You're likely going to drop tens of thousands of pounds on something you don't REALLY need, so they need to frame this as a lifestyle experience.

The experience of buying a new car stays with us, but we soon forget that like any other commodity, it becomes ordinary extremely quickly.

This is the power of framing.

It doesn't always need to be in a physical shop or showroom though.

Adverts on television will tell a story to evoke an emotion that will make you easer to sell to.

You can do this with any message, in any form of communication.

So, the next time you want to pursuade somebody to come around to your way of thinking... Try considering how you could alter their mood (or frame) before going in with the request.

It can be a fun game, and it's super rewarding when it works.