I'm a huge fan of Jason Silva, his YouTube channel, Shots of Awe, has amazing short videos where he discusses creativity, art, love, psychedelics, spirituality, physics and loads more awesome stuff.

The way he delivers the message is unlike anyone I've seen.

He's ridiculously articulate, and has so much passion that you're excited to explore the topic further after the clip has finished.

Or at least I do, do you sense a bit of a man-crush here?

But anyway, I was watching one of his videos this afternoon and thought that it would be a cool one to share.

It's only just over 2 mins long, so you should definitely give a watch.

The part about finding your passion, based around the cross section of where three or more of your interests overlapped actually reminded me of my own logo designing process.

I basically try to look for layers of meaning within a brand then look to where i can find a unique connection between them.

It can be pretty tricky, but when something lands, you can end up with a really strong visual that will stick in people's minds.

But, this post is about finding your passion... And the quote at the start sums it up perfectly for me. It seems like common sense when you know it, 

Passion exists at the intersection of three or more things you’re really curious about
— Steven Kotler