We're all guilty of judging books by their covers... Come on, be honest now.

Here's a quick exercise for you... Read each statement then say the first thing that comes into your head:

1. People who wear designer suits are _________
2. People who drive Ferraris are _________
3. Businesses who don't use social media are  _________
4. Companies who invest in their staff  _________
5. Restaurants with plastic chairs  _________

I like to think I'm not judgemental, but it's easy to see your mind trying to follow familiar patterns to save time and allow us to fill in the blank quicker.

This is called a heuristic.

We use them to save brain power on certain decisions, so in theory our energy is preserved for more important tasks.

One last question for you. When people look at your logo, what assumptions do you think they make?

  • How successful do they think you are?
  • How much do they think you should charge for your products or services?
  • Do you think you've tempted them to dig deeper and look at your website or social media channels?

Perception is everything in the attention game... I can help you with this.

We can talk about your story, what it is that makes you unique... Then we work together to define your target audience and make sure you are communicating the right message to them.

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