I've said these posts will be super brief in the past, but this one really will be.

There's one idea to share tonight and it is about being super-targetted in your marketing.

If you make your customer feel like you're are speaking DIRECTLY to them, the decision of whether to purchase or not is a lot easier.

Here's an example.

Say I was selling t-shirts... If I was targeting people who are into knitting, you are speaking to quite a large demographic.

But if you then stack on top of this another filter or niche... Such as being male; you could create a t-shirt that has the slogan 'Blokes who Knit'... Now, if you are a male who enjoys knitting, this t-shirt is going to feel like it has been made especially for you.

It's far more likely to entice you to purchase than simply an 'I knit' t-shirt.

So when you are marketing, go super-targetted.

Make your customers feel like you've took them to one side and told them a secret that was aimed directly at them.

We all want to think we're individuals, don't we?