For those who don't know, Patrick Bateman is the lead character in the book (and later film adaptation) American Psycho.

Basically, he's a guy who works on Wall Street.

He's had an amazing education, is blessed with detestable good looks and has everything he could possibly wish for in the world.

Well, except for inner peace that is.

A famous quote from the film (and probably the book) is him snarling to his girlfriend 'I just want to fit in', through gritted teeth.

This is why I am advising not to be like Patrick Bateman. (Let's ignore the murder and mutilation bits for now).

I think a lot of businesses and brands focus too much on what their competitors are doing rather than looking at what it is that makes them truly unique.

You find this a lot with how they present themselves on social media and the type of blog posts they create.

Everything is safe. It all looks/sounds the same. There's no personality and there's no reason at all to pay any attention to it.

By being original and looking at things in a way other people haven't done, you will stand out a country mile.

Attention spans are getting shorter, and the amount of visual input presented to us is increasing at an enormous rate.

Boring will simply not be tolerated any longer.

So stop worrying about fitting in.

This is the greatest time there has ever been to express the real you through your brand or personal brand. The world is more accepting of 'freaks'... In fact, it's practically on the hunt for them.

An authentic viewpoint and an interesting story are the cornerstones of a powerful a powerful personal brand.

Don't be self-conscious.

Celebrate what makes you unique and engage with other people who do the same. Curate a tribe or community of people who share your values, who can can learn from and exchange ideas.

It doesn't take long before you start to see THIS world as normal and the old ways of marketing begin to seem really crude and primitive.

An awesome book to expand on this idea and get you started is The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth by Chris Brogan. I HIGHLY recommend checking it out.