A lot of freelancers get into this lifestyle because they decide to specialise in doing one thing.

If you love what you do it can be great way to live your life.

It's not easy though, don't get me wrong.

The freedom it gives you is life changing, but you have to balance this with the constant niggling worry about finding new work.

I talk a lot with other freelancers about this and other related ideas... And one topic that comes up pretty often is productivity.

Some people have strict systems and routines which allow them to run like a well oiled machine, while others seem to rush round in a constant panic. 

I haven't found my perfect method yet, but by regularly looking at what I am doing, and questioning if it can be improved, I'm now starting to get closer to where I want to be.

In the past I've tried allocating blocks of time to tasks and having every hour of the day mapped out.

This didn't work for me at all. It felt like the agency life I ran away from.

So I mixed it up a little and tried tweaks and variations.

I experimented with allocating tasks for either 'morning' or 'afternoon'... This was an improvement, but it was still a little too stop-start for me.

What I do now is focussing on one key task in a day, with an emphasis on deep concentration and making the quality as high as I possibly can.

If nothing else gets done, I am satisfied I did one thing very well.

One of the reasons I think this works is that I know in my mind that I only have to think about one thing that day.

Juggling multiple tasks means your brain is using processing power to keep lots of information at the forefront of your attention.

I'm not a brain expert or anything, but I see it like saving loads of files on your desktop.

It's the easy way to work, but it slows you down in the long run.

Focussing on doing one thing well means that it's easier to get into a flow state and get fully immersed in the work.

I also find that I get the feeling of satisfaction at a job well done far more often.

I'd love to know what systems you use.

Are you a freelancer who struggles staying productive?

Shoot me an email and let's share ideas.