Cat's go out in style.

They fall off things, get stuck up places they shouldn't, and in the case of some of my own feline allies, meet their sticky demise under the wheel of a motor vehicle.

The saying is true... We all know what killed the cat.

They really are inquisitive little buggers.

Our kitten Larry, is an amazing example.

When he isn't sleeping, he's dashing around chasing shadows, batting wasps, stalking birds, climbing curtains and creeping up on NOTHING in the grass.

He's in a constant state of play and curiosity.

THIS is what I want to learn from him.

What different stuff can I make? What can I learn? Who will I meet? What could we do?

It stops ruts from forming and boredom sinking in.

Seeking new ideas, and MAKING things rather than CONSUMING things is a wonderful way to use your time.

I became a lot happier when is stopped watching the news and TV boxsets and instead started being curious about learning new things

Join a book club or something... Go for a walk.

There's more to life than Netflix.