Walking home today I decided to re-do the video on my homepage... I'm going to make this myself tomorrow, so I'll be writing the script and storyboards for it tonight.

Basically, this means that tonight's blog post is going to be super-concise (hopefully).

Create more than you consume

This is a powerful idea.

If you change your mindset from being a consumer of ideas and content to a creator instead, you'll see a lot of things begin to change.

Other than the obvious benefit of saving money, you'll actually change the way people perceive you.

Having ideas, a voice and a slant on things is how you will stand out.

It doesn't matter if you work for yourself, would like to in the future, or are happy climbing the corporate ladder - this is how you are going to get on people's radar.

Very few people take the time and effort to put value into the world, instead they look to see what they can extract.

Be one of the few.

It works.