It seems like an appropriate day to be talking about bias and flaws in human understanding.

For whatever reason (I didn't vote, so judge no other human) it was decided that the UK is better separated from the EU. But I think that there's an inherent flaw with human understanding here.

And this is substitution.

The question that was posed seemed pretty simple.

Should we star part of the European Union or not.

But, the consequences of the decision are far from simple.

The classic solution in a situation with a challenging question is to substitute it for an easier one.

So, instead of the in-out question, maybe elements of domestic policy and immigration arise.

They're linked, don't get me wrong.

But they're not the issue at hand.

Now, didn't vote, so can't take any high ground whatsoever.

I hate the system as it stands and don't want to be a part of it.

But I know that doesn't help in any way.

My solution is to focus on the individual. Look at human experience and how individual lives can be enhanced.

It seems like a hippy way of looking at the world, but it feels true.

The brain will play tricks on you as you try to make sense of the world around you. I fall for this more than most which is why this blog helps me to question ideas I've held true and to hopefully (occasionally) come up with a new perspective from time to time.