Charles Darwin is the guy we all think of when we talk about evolution.

But most people have a skewed (if any) understanding of it at all.

People get wrapped up in the idea of 'survival of the fittest' which he did mention, but didn't coin himself.

He actually talks about species surviving based on their ability to adapt to change... There is a difference.

I see a link to todays world. It's in a constant state of flux.

What was relevant yesterday could be dead today.

One flaw of human thinking is that we hold onto ideas that have served us in the past.

It's helped us get so far, but could be holding us back now.

So, what's the link to personal branding?

Well, nature is in the business (so to speak) of creating variety.

From variety comes abnormalities and deformities which may or may not give a survival advantage.

It is constantly pressing against its environment and measuring the feedback.

Culture on the other hand is about creating a mould to which everything must conform.

There's seven point something billion of us knocking around. To stand out you need to make a little noise.

You need to do what other people aren't doing.

I firmly believe that creating what we now know as a 'personal brand' is a long term investment.

It's a dedication to a better future and a commitment to growth rather than decay.

Situations change. People change. The world changes. You just have to be ready to switch direction.