Whenever I land on a company's website, one of the first things I ask myself is 'How is this going to be useful to me?'.

But very often... You get there, and it's focussed almost entirely on blowing their own trumpet and talking about how 'great' they are.

That's all well and good... But what's in it for me?

I want to know how the product or service they're flogging can help me.

- How does it take away a struggle I'm facing?
- How does it help me reach a goal I'm striving for?

Tell me something that relates to me, and the value it can provide to my life.

And going beyond this, they should be guiding their visitor through the specific steps that they should take. I don't want to be guessing... If I want to buy, I want it to be super easy for me to do it.

I use a simple structure on my homepage that clearly guides visitors through to the relevent content for their needs.

1. I start with my mission statement... 'I help you to attract customers like a magnet' - Humans are visual creatures, so I anchored a powerful symbol of attraction (a magnet), with a desire that my typical customer would have... To find more customers. The idea is to interest the people who are a good fit for me, and make it feel like I'm talking directly to them.

2. I follow on by telling the visitor exactly what I do and show a video explaining my process  Then there's some examples of successful projects I've worked on and a couple of client testimonials.

If the user is interested, they can see more of my work or book a consultation call (that's my main CTA and what I ideally want them to do).

3. At the bottom of the page I've got a sign-up to my 'Magnetic Marketing Newsletter'. This for people who may be considering buying from me at some point in the future, but they're not quite ready yet.

I'm currently putting together a new lead magnet so I can drill down and be even more specific with the kinds of people I'm attracting to my mailing list. The free offer will (hopefully) help me to focus in on my audience and find the types of people who I can best serve.

A great place to start with this is to think of the 'end action' that you want your customer to take. (Do they buy from you, book a consultation, sign up to a webinar... etc?).

Think exactly what you want them to do, then work back from there.

I got into far more depth on topics like this on my newsletter which is sent out every Sunday... If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, why not join today?