I've heard several 'influencers' talking recently about the idea that your brand is what people are saying about you.

I reckon it's a really nice way of thinking about it as it puts the focus of attention on the customer.

Personally, I believe that your brand will grow and change based around what people are saying about you. So to cultivate a strong brand, you need to influence the conversation.

I love to create things that remind people about who you are what your values are. You could call this brand assets or collateral. It's the sum of everything that you put out that builds up the picture in your customers minds.

It's hardly ever just a logo... We should incorporate touch, smell, sound or taste (if possible)... The more senses the better.

Think about the intel jingle or the sound a Mac makes when it starts up. These become ingrained in your minds to the extent that when you hear them, you either see their logo or think of the tagline (in some cases)... It's quite literally brain washing.

Another example is the smell of sun cream that is piped through travel agents like Thomas Cook.

This powerfully evokes memories of being on holiday and will undoubtedly influence the purchase.

So remember, every 'touch-point' your brand has with your customer is an opportunity to anchor your story into their minds.

Great brands know this and cultivate their message in a way that plays to the senses each and every time.

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