Hyper-discounting unnecessary commodities and inducing frenzied spending doesn't seem like a nice way to celebrate Thanksgiving to me. And over 'ere in the UK, it holds no significance whatsoever - Other than to eat into folk's beer money, and that's unforgivable in my book.

So... I've helped a good few clients out this week with artwork for their Black Friday Offers... And a few people asked me what I was doing for it.

My answer was this, "Nothing. Absolutely nothing."

Clients either pay full price, or I do the work for free. (You need to be super-persuasive though, I'm a tight ass with a short attention span.)

But, I thought I'd use Black Friday to show that I'm sometimes open to working for 'free'... If there's some kind of counter deal on the table.

Offer me an interesting pro-bono arrangement (emphasis on interesting), and we can talk about me helping you to create a cool new brand without you having to part with a penny.

I'm only going to be writing about this once, so it has significance.

If you're interested fill in this form.