I thought they'd left in 2011... But it appears not. They're back amongst us.

I'm talking about the people who reached the top of their game and kept on climbing... Reaching heights unimaginable to mere mortals like us. Superstars in their game, so adept at their craft that they decorate themselves with self-proclaimed titles like Guru, Ninja and Rockstar.

Come on... Tone down the hyperbole a bit, yeah?

It only makes you sound cool to idiots anyway, so what's the point?

Now there's no harm in using humour in your bio or mission statement, in fact, I'd often encourage it.

I use the name 'Super Logo Boy', which is clearly a bit daft... But it's my attempt at humour, and it often starts interesting conversations.

Novelty is a powerful way to stand out in a crowded marketplace, but the quality of your work must back it up. Otherwise, you stand out as being a fraud, and can cause huge damage to your personal brand.

When I see 'ninja', my brain probably reads 'big head'... We don't have 'Rockstar Tax Collectors' or 'Guru Civil Servants'... At least, I hope we don't.

Keep the ego in check, and dedicate a little more energy to mastering your craft. Because when you get really good at something, other people use the superlatives for you.

And then they actually mean something!