I've read about half of Michael Gerber's 'The E-myth Revisited' today and have had a few big realisations about how I'm working.

Part of the appeal of going freelance, or working for myself was that I would be my 'own boss'.

In reality, this meant that I had no boss.

I was in charge, I did what I like.

I worked when I was motivated and rested at other times.

Now, though, I am looking to take my business to the next level and I realise I'm going to need to be much stricter with myself.

I need deadlines. I need structured systems and I need order.

I think I've allowed the creative part of my brain to dictate too much.

I need to regain balance and have structure and order in there too.

The fact I am writing this post shows that a different part of my brain has been engaged.

Let's see where it goes.