I was watching an episode of Rick and Morty earlier and noticed a poster in the background with a magnet on it. (see above)

It got me thinking about magnets (funnily enough), and what they do.

They attract things that they want... They repel things they don't want... And they're pretty much neutral to everything else.

I've clearly placing 'intent' on an lifeless object, and am doing so metaphorically (or am I?)... But it serves the point I'm trying to make, so I'll run with it.

I'm using this now as my personal symbol.

I am focussing energy on what I want and how I can 'attract it' (bring it towards me) and I'm also looking to push away distractions and unwanted shit in my life.

Nothing else matters. Meh.

Sorting those two areas out seems like an efficient use of time.

Jesse says it best...