Asking the right questions is the secret to getting great answers... Garbage in gives garbage out, after all.

Yesterday I was talking with a new client about a project they wanted me to look. As usual, I was trying to understand exactly what they were trying to achieve and what made their product unique.

Ask better questions

Sometimes people know this straight away, other times it can take a little bit of coaxing out. But this time I asked a question I'd not asked before, and it spawned a 30-minute conversation where we not only changed the name of the brand but the entire angle we were using to market the product.

The question I asked was 'Imagine I am your target customer... Tell me how using your product/service will make my life better'.

This question is powerful because people are normally motivated to buy when a product either moves them closer towards their goals or when it removes a pain/problem they are currently facing.

Try to keep this in mind whenever you are trying to convince somebody to buy from you.

The way you frame the proposition will massively impact the results you achieve. I'll be writing more about this on my newsletter in the coming weeks. If you don't want to miss out, you can sign up here.