I would never describe myself as an artist.

There are several similarities with what I do and Art, but I consider them to be totally separate crafts.

Artists create because they are compelled to. I create to solve commercial problems for businesses and brands.

Art can be abstract and esoteric, design is visual communication.

Artists put a part of themselves into their work and often see this as a cathartic process to exorcise some inner demon.

I like to think that my work has meaning, and although you can draw comparisons to how an artist works, it's far more regimented and process driven than a typical artist would be comfortable with.

I create to solve my clients' problems. I create work that will generate attention and a return on their investment. That's what it boils down to.

My focus is on what the logo will achieve, not the logo itself.

The work is secondary to the goal.

In my mind, clients don't come to me for a logo.

They come to me because they want attention. They want eyes on their business or brand.

A logo, as creative as it can be, is still a product. A product or commodity that solves a certain niche problem.

But it's a product I love to make... And I am proud to put my name to.

I just prefer not to call it Art.