I tend to read exclusively non-fiction. But every now and then I treat myself to a decent novel.

I'm just about to re-read (for the umpteenth time) Pattern Recognition by William Gibson.

At its core, it's a thriller, with twists, turns, double agents and a mystery that carries the sub-plots along nicely.

For me though, I think it's an awesome study on branding, globalisation and the human desire to detect patterns in our environment.

The main character, Cayce (pronounced Casey) Pollard, is an ultra-complex and sophisticated brand consultant.

I say ultra complex, as she actually has allergic reactions to powerful brands.

They affect to the extent that she is almost physically disabled by an encounter with a toy of the Michelin Man (Bibendum).

It's set a little while ago, back in 2002 (ish), but I think the central ideas are still relevant today.

My copy of the book is littered with notes and highlighted quotes.

I'll leave you with one of my favourites, maybe it's the message, or maybe it's the characters outstanding name. You can decide for yourself.

Far more creativity, today, goes in to the marketing of products than into the products themselves.
— Hubertus Bigend