Coming up with ideas is something I have to do every day.

I love the challenge, and have several different strategies to focus my thinking.

Yesterday though, I heard J. Paul Neeley of and had my mind blown wide open.

When you do a google image search for beauty look what comes up....

The way the google algorithm works is that it brings up the most popular results... Which in many cases (if not the majority) returns page after page of identikit images.

Not great if you're looking for varied inspiration and ideas.

So, J. Paul set out to create a solution... And Yossarian was born.

The service is free (with a paid upgrade feature which I will DEFINITELY be using).

There's an aweseom walkthrough video on the website, so I won't talk it through step by step.

But basically, you search for a word and you are shown a variety of 'concepts'.

Search for 'beauty' on

Search for 'beauty' on

You can see immediately the similarity to brainstorming.

Any idea that stands out can be dragged from the circle to form a new branch of exploration.

Withing each circle you can select from dozens of different that the software brings through from a variety of sources.

What impressed me the most is the abstract ideas that the engine returns. I put in beauty and within seconds I am getting metaphorical abstractions of the concept such as 'mind, sweetheart, night, dark, need, awareness, and feathers'.

Pop up window allowing you to browse for image inspiration.

Pop up window allowing you to browse for image inspiration.

This software is going to be massively powerful for designers. The ability to have a strategic system for generating abstract ideas is baffling.

I can see this being massively powerful for people who are naming brands or coming up with fresh ideas for advertising campaigns.

But J. Paul insists, this is just scraping the surface... I can't wait to see what features come next.

Try for free at

Disclaimer: I am in no way benefitting financially by recommending this service. I saw it, knew immediately that it was going to be super-useful and thought it could help other designers/creatives too.