This was one of those odd jobs.

And I don't mean that little chap from one of the Bond films.

I mean, it kind of landed in a weird way.

Craig, an awesome dude I met recently was building a website for a Personal Trainer client, and had been let down by another graphic designer which left him in a bit of a pickle.

He needed a logo or the project may not go ahead. *build up tension*

To make things even trickier, he needed it super quick too! *increase tension*

But panic not.

A late night shift was deployed and the above logo was delivered before daybreak.

My life's like a movie sometimes.

But anyway. The logo.

The client wanted his initials used in a unique way - Possibly hinting at fitness, or maybe just as a standard monogram.

I wanted to align Simon's brand with aspirational fitness brands.

Think along the lines of Nike, Adidas and Under Armour.

I wanted to make something that Simon would be proud to wear on a t-shirt to represent his business and start to build brand recognition.

The S symbol hides a H in the negative space.

It points forwards, which suggests progress, momentum and striving for goals.

I can't wait to see how this brand is applied to all manner of different products in the future.

Not least, the epic website that Craig is going to build.