Don't get the stuck with the idea that your logo is your brand... It's far from it.

Your logo a REPRESENTATION of your brand.

It's there to help your customers identify you from your competition. It's a memory hook.

Your brand is the lasting impression your customer has of you.

- It's how you answer the phone.

- It's the tone of voice on your website.

- It's ease at which your customer flows through your sales process.

Your brand is HOW IT FEELS to buy from you.

We can get tangled up in semantics here, but it's wise to remember that becoming a brand is, at its core, a mindset shift.

You must begin to see your company through your customer's eyes, which in most cases can be a little scary... But don't worry. Flaws can be fixed, but only once they have been identified.

Ask yourself this question; how would your customers describe your brand?

Learning how your customers see you is the best way to start making improvements to your brand.

Think of brand awareness as popularity.

- How well known are you?

- How well liked are you?

- And how can you impact this?

Here are five simple ideas to help you start creating a more human-focused brand today:

1. Communicate with your customer in mind.
Don't talk about YOUR product and YOUR company all the time... Talk about THEIR problems, how you can solve them and make their life easier.

2. Use a conversational and friendly tone.
People buy from people, so talking like you would to a good friend will put them at ease. It also makes you simplify your content so it's super-easy to understand.

3. Be consistent.
When you email, tweet, post to facebook or blog; try to have a consistent style and tone. Brands become familiar. They become part of our lives and environment. A good example... Coca-Cola will always use the colour red. Imagine the uproar if they changed it!

Make sure you have a 'cornerstone' element to YOUR brand that will never change.

4. Engage the senses
Think of how you could incorporate sound, taste, smell or touch into your customer experience. If you do this well, it can deeply anchor your brand in people's minds.

5. Be brave, be unique
The most important thing about any brand is that it is memorable. You MUST find something that makes you unique. Something that people can use to describe how you're different from everyone else. Being different grabs people's attention, but few are willing to put this into practice... Be one of those few.

See, it's not rocket-science... It's just a case of creating the content (and the brand) that your customers are looking for... And trying to be the scratch to their itch.