Gonna keep this one ultra short.

Recently, I'm thankful that I've been riding a wave of being focussed and motivated.

I've managed to blog every day for over 2 weeks now, something I've never achieved before. And I think it's pretty much down to mindset.

I've been able to trick myself into believing I'm motivated.... As cheesey as it sounds, watching some inspiring videos or listening to music that gets you going really works.

I've been watching one of these 3 every day (sometimes all of them). It's helped me a lot, hopefully it'll help you too.

1. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger - Connor McGregor  (3mins 24secs)

2. Born in Darkness - Mateusz M (4mins 46secs)

3. Shots of Awe - The Hero's Journey (2mins 2secs)

These videos are really short so I'll not add any words. They do a far better job than I ever could.

Here's a takeaway idea you may want to try. Find YOUR inspiring story/video/song and use it as a daily meditation.

The messages will sink into your brain. You'll begin to memorise the words very quickly and before you know it, you may find you start to feel the energy that comes though.

Or maybe I've just gone a bit too hippy.