Today's post is a guest blog from Hayley Jenkins from The Social Geeks. Hayley is a great client, friend and collaborator of mine, so I was keen to get her to share some of her social media insights with you... Be sure to follow her on Twitter, Instagram and check her awesome website.

Starting a business and working from home can be a real struggle. Being your own boss is very appealing but it can be pretty demanding too. Suddenly, you realise that the buck stops with you and that you are responsible for everything. You need to take care of the finances and keep tabs on your invoices and the admin side of things can seem to take up way too much time. You need to build your client base and relationships, and let's not forget the time you need to spend actually doing whatever 'work' your business is!

It can often feel that there simply isn't enough time to do everything. It's no surprise then that something has got to give. Very often it's social media that gets put back on the back-burner - but this is a big mistake!

In fact, you should be putting your branding and social media first. Ini Augustine, CEO of SocialWise Media Group  even suggests that publicity is what you should be 'spending your last dime on.'

The logo design for your brand can act like a magnet for clients, pulling them towards your business and services. And with a strategy that is tailored for the needs of your business, there's no better way than social media for increasing your brand awareness.

So, let's take a look at 5 quick wins that will bring social media success for your business.

1. Be visually engaging
It starts with your logo and branding. Your logo will be the first thing that people see on your social media profiles. It needs to tell a story and evoke an emotion. Consistent brand imagery needs to be seen across all your social channels. And it goes beyond your social profiles, everything you post on social media needs to have visual appeal. Posts with images and videos receive far more engagement.

2. Be consistent and persistent
Social media isn't something that you can just dip in and out of if you want to have any success. Getting noticed for consistently and regularly posting great content is vital. This is how you raise the profile of your brand online and begin to build more influence.  You need to be clear about which social platforms you should and shouldn't be on and what type of content you should be posting.

3. Build a brand newsroom
The idea of a 'brand newsroom' is one that frightens many businesses because they think it means they need to come up with stacks of new content all the time. But one of the best ways of building a successful social media presence is to curate great content from other industry experts and influencers. Sharing great content from others is almost as important as your own original content.

4. Grow your following
You should never just 'chase the numbers' and followers, shares and retweets are often described as ‘vanity metrics’. The number of followers you have on social media doesn't necessarily relate to influence or an increase in new business. Having said that, the greater your reach, the more people there will be who can potentially engage. Cultivating that 'brand newsroom' and staying active will only lead to more people seeing what you post.

5. Engage with your audience and join conversations
Cross-promoting your brand's other content (such as blogs or podcasts) or your other online assets (such as your website) on your social media channels is an important part of any social media marketing strategy. But just because you put a link to your website in a post is doesn't mean everybody will click it - you need to respond to comments, join in chats and show the personal side of your business on social media too.

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This article was written by Hayley Jenkins, Owner/Social Media Manager/Expert at The Social Geeks, providing social media solutions and the perfect social strategy for businesses.