The other week I was approached by a chap who wanted to talk to me about what it's like being a freelancer, and specifically about my journey from being employed to being self-employed.

The conversation we had covered psychedelics, finding mentors and Russian dancing... It's now been put live on the awesome Being Freelance podcast - I was super humbled to be asked to do this and be alongside some of my heroes who have also been on this show.

If you've got a spare 37 minutes while you're commuting, mooching around the house or running on the treadmill, you can give it a listen here.

You can also find it on all the standard podcasting apps - Just search 'Being Freelance' and you should have no difficulty finding it.

I'd love to know what you think - Shoot me an email to paddy(at)superlogoboy(dot)com and give me some honest feedback :)

Also, my brief blogging hiatus is now officially over... I'll be talking about my reasons for this on Friday's post. It's been something I've wanted to talk about for a while now, but have only just built up the confidence.

Anyway, that's for Friday... Go over and check the podcast, and have yourself a wonderful and productive week.