Other than becoming veggie for a month in 2013, I don't really do New Year's resolutions. One thing I do instead though is to set goals. Goals are good - They give you something to shoot for.

A mentor of mine, Chris Brogan, chooses three words at the start of each year to help define his focus. You can read more about it here - He explains it better than I can.

Now, the one thing I struggle with the most is productivity. Given the nature of my work (generating ideas and solving marketing problems) sometimes I need to give the process some real thinking time. I often say that creativity can't be rushed, but I suspect I use this as an excuse to justify inactivity... Does this sound familiar to you?

So what are my 3 words for 2017?

This is to remind me that if I am not serving a direct need that my customers have, then I am failing. My business fails when my service declines. So being of service and of value to my customers and network is my primary focus.

In the past, I've been quite passive. I allowed work to come to me - So this year I'm increasing my efforts to connect with people who I truly want to work with. I'll be joining their conversations more and helping them on their journies - This way they'll be more receptive to my messages and marketing when they see it.

Do the damn work... See things through... Be PRODUCTIVE. This is what I need to have in my mind every single day. By selecting the right projects and developing a laser focus I'll be able to put more of my energy into fewer projects. That seems like a wise move.

So, those are my 3 words... I'm going to write these down at the top of my to-do list every day so they become ingrained in my mind.

What did you struggle with the most in 2016? What is the weakness in your game that's holding you back?

Send me a quick email and let me know your goals for 2017... paddy(at)superlogoboy(dot)com  :-)