So, writing this blog every day has been building up to something.

And last week I actually started.

Next year I'm going to be releasing a book, which so far, has the working title of 'Personal Branding for Freaks'.

I'm writing it for people who want to escape the rat-race and start building their own dream.

It's about how I went from being trapped in a well-paid that was sucking the soul out of me - I'll tell you the exact methods I used to build up a sustainable income by attracting the kind of clients who you will LOVE working with.

I started with ZERO clients and only two months bill payments in the bank, to working with clients from five continents and a healthy order book, in less than 10 months.

If you've got any questions that you'd like answering in there, hit me up on Snapchat or Twitter... (@SuperLogoBoy on both).

I'd love to talk and make this book as useful to you as possible.

Let's talk :)