When I explain Snapchat stories to people, I try to tell them to see each day as an episode of a soap opera... For me it's Coronation Street, being a northern lad from near Manchester.

The idea is that you paint each day as a familiar narrative, but with the content having enough variety to keep people coming back.

My day always starts with my morning routine, exercise, coffee and a smoothie normally.

Then show my short walk to the studio and the morning unfolds however it will.

I try to give glimpses into the work and situations (that I am permitted to show). But I hold plenty back.

One thing I always finish with though is my daily bath - It's my favourite time of the day, so I make it something that people recognise on their feeds.

It starts conversations almost every day... Doing this once wouldn't be effective, it's the frequency that amplifies it, and that is what people usually comment on.

The key is to be familiar, structured and regular.

Most people's initial reaction is to say 'But my day is boring, I don't do anything worth showing'.

And believe me, I get it... I totally get it.

But really, this DOESN'T MATTER.

Imagine if you had never seen Coronation Street before (or maybe you haven't?).

If you've not, it's basically a glimpse into the real lives of working class people on a street in Manchester.

An episode in isolation will usually include some petty family quarrels, maybe a sinister character who is up to something and not a lot else.

On its own, it's awful to watch... Truly, but the repetitive nature of seeing these families, day after day immerses you into their world.

As boring as it may be, it shows you how other people are maybe not as happy as you paint them to be in your minds.

These characters can almost become more REAL to you than some of your friends... In a weird kind of way.

The point I'm getting at is that we are bloody nosy and love getting glimpses into other people's worlds.

We see the human behind the social media account. If we are to form friendships, partnerships and earn the trust of potential customers online we need to become a regular part of their day.

This is a trickle effect so the success will build slowly over time.

Invest energy and effort into every conversation and people will look forward to communicating with you.

And over time, many of them will buy from you or refer you to their friends... This will probably happen often without you even noticing where the lead came from.

If you chase leads on social media, you are running before you can walk.

Tell your story a little. Talk to others about theirs.

Make every day familiar but a little bit different.

Hope you ready for the next episode...