I'm often baffled at how badly people explain what they do.

Nobody has time for technical jargon and convoluted explanations.

Precision and concision are what's in order.

I tell people that I turn businesses into brands

This is where great marketing and branding comes in... It takes a complicated message or idea and quite literally translates it into a language that your customers are going to understand... Or at least, it inspires them to continue the conversation.

Great brands understand the power of simplicity.

I don't need to tell you the taglines for Nike, McDonalds or Apple, do I?

The simplicity of each, combined with massive repeated exposure cements them in our brains.

You can achieve this with your brand too if you're brave enough to apply the same method of thinking.

The secret is to keep things simple and to talk in terms of the problems that you can solve for your customer.

People don't buy intellectually, they buy emotionally. If you can take away pain, or move them towards their goals in some way, you'll have a far greater influence on their behaviour.

When we purchase anything, we rationalise our decisions afterwards with detail, facts and 'information'.

But the reason we buy in the first place can always be traced to an emotion.

You must translate what you do into a feeling that your audience can relate to.

When you speak to them this way, they will listen. And if they listen, they might just remember you.