One of the biggest challenges in business is people not knowing (or caring) who you are.

Companies die when the phone stops ringing and when orders stop coming in. The only way to stop this happening is to keep putting new eyes on what you do.

Like I wrote in yesterday's post, people trust you when they recognise you, and become familiar with you.

You need to be like sh*t in a field

Nearly always, people are putting out far too little content and activity on social media.

Tweeting 30-50 times a day is far, far superior to posting once every couple of days.

Now, you MAY lose some followers, but these people were probably not invested in what you do in the first place.

The fact that you'll be adding dozens of EXTRA followers to your tribe whilst doing this will probably soften the blow to your ego.

Unfollows happen, even from friends. The best move is to just ignore it and move on... It's the grown-up thing to do.

Let's actually stop for a moment and think why people criticise in the first place.

It's rarely in the best interest of helping the other person.

Most of the time people criticise because they feel threatened. The actions of whoever they're attacking have highlighted a weakness in their own game... This is the REAL issue.

If you're working hard at a project that fulfils you, you will have ZERO TIME to worry about how hard other people are working... It simply won't register with you.

So really, being criticised for over-activity is an essential part of the journey - It means you're getting on people's radars.

The only way to do this is to be everywhere - Be like sh*t in the proverbial field.

Here's an action for you:

1. Go on Instagram or Twitter and find an influencer who your typical customer may follow.

2. Go to this influencers 'followers' and start following the last 20 real people who followed them. (This may require a little detective work, but shouldn't take more than 10-20 seconds per person).

3. Start a conversation with every single one of them about a piece of content that they have shared recently. (If this is on Instagram, 'Like' at least 2-3 of their pictures too - This makes sure they'll take notice of you.)

This is one of the daily actions I teach my coaching clients. It helps to grow an engaged following of people who will see your content and engage with it in future.

All it takes is a little gumption. What's stopping you?