A great way to get good at something is to practice. Another great way is to learn from people who already know how to do what you want to be able to do.

I fancy writing a book, so need to get a lot better before anyone will pay to read my words.

As luck should have it, my favourite business author, Chris Brogan has written a book called 'Find Your Writing Voice'.

As soon as I found this out on his podcast I dusted off my kindle and navigated the clunky UI so I could give Chris some of my money.

Find Your Writing Voice - Chris Brogan

The book has the ultimate goal of making you write more like the awesome human that you are.

Chris guides you through exercises that will loosen you up and let your personality shine through in your writing... Be warned, though, he makes you sign a digital contract at the start - it must be some kind of ninja growth hack... Or maybe I'm just paranoid :)

When I first started writing this blog I was way too formal and used words that would never come out of my mouth in real life.

It didn't feel like it was me when I read it back... Does that make any sense?

Well, that's one of the main things this book is helping me with.

But the best part of the book (which I reckon is worth 10X the cost all on its own) is the framework that Chris gives for how he writes his books. I'm planning a 'practice book' next year and am going to be using this as my bible.

Please don't be fooled by the book's length. It's super-concise at under 90 pages, but it's jam-packed with practical tips and exercises that will change the way you approach writing (well, it did with me). It feels like Chris is sat with you, passing on his hard-earned insider secrets.

So if writing is something you want to get better at, and you want a practical book to work through, then Find Your Writing Voice by Chris Brogan is one of the best places to start.

Two massive thumbs up.