What started out as a silly idea walking to the pub with the missus is now becoming a reality.

I need to buy some new t-shirts, so was thinking of ordering a few with my logo on (tax-deductable and all that).

But then I thought I could create some fake local clubs, and then have t-shirts showcasing thier logo... In a small town like mine it's bound to start some conversations... Especially in the pub or when networking.

The first one I did today while talking to a friend on facebook...Only took 20 minutes, but it's fun, and has a nice little idea in... I'm going to order it tomorrow I think.

So, the series is set to continue, here are some ideas I've had for other clubs... If you have any fun ones, please leave them in the comments below!

  • Horwich Druids
  • Horwich Pigeon Fanciers
  • Horwich Coiny Brotherhood
  • Horwich Psychedelic Explorers

Some, none or maybe all of these will be made... Who knows?

Either way, they'll hopefully start an interesting conversation or two.

You have to think differently to stand out.